Huncoat Garden Village has the potential to make a critical contribution towards meeting housing needs and supporting economic growth in the wider Pennine Lancashire region.  The Masterplan for Huncoat Garden Village being developed by Arcadis will help to guide future growth and development.

Implementation of the Masterplan may have a transformative impact, through the creation of:

  • a desirable place to live, thus drawing in new residents;
  • strengthening sense of place through design and the introduction of new facilities and services;
  • helping to rebalance the housing market by providing greater choice; and
  • creating a more sustainable settlement.

Developing the Current Option for Huncoat Garden Village

Since the last public consultation in 2019, we have continued to work on developing proposals for Huncoat Garden Village. We have listened to the views of residents through two previous consultations, which have helped to shape the proposals set out in the Preferred Masterplan. Key areas where we have amended proposals in response to public opinion include:

 Traffic – we understand the need for the new road to be built early in the development to take pressure of the existing road network. We have also removed employment land from within the Preferred Masterplan in order not to create additional heavy goods traffic.

 Nature – the Preferred Masterplan safeguards identified areas of high biodiversity value and includes other features to increase biodiversity.

 Connectivity – improving cycling and pedestrian connectivity. 

 The Current Masterplan can be viewed in our virtual room here.

You can access the feedback form either through the virtual room or here