18 December 2018

Public consultation on the initial Huncoat masterplan options and the Garden Village proposal opened on the 1st November and closed on 14th November.
Information was made available at three exhibition events held in Hun coat, one in Accrington Town Centre and on the Huncoat Garden Village website.
Approximately 250 people attended the exhibitions and 137 questionnaires were received.
Information will be available shortly in the form of a report which will identify the key themes and priorities which emerged from the public consultations in November.
This will be made available on the Huncoat Garden Village website.

A big thanks you to everyone who completed the questionnaire and to those residents who attended the events.

Next Steps

• Arcadis are continuing their work to develop the masterplan.
• A minimum of 2 community workshops will be held in February 2019 which will be focused on emerging priority themes for the Garden village
• Public consultations are planned for March 2019 which will exhibit the preferred masterplan option