Huncoat Design Code

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback recently on the Huncoat Garden Village Masterplan.  All the comments are being reviewed by the team and will be used to help refine the final Masterplan.

 In the Masterplan consultation, lots of people asked for more information about the Garden Village proposals.  People wanted to know what the houses would look like and how the streets and open spaces would be designed and looked after. In parallel to finalising the Masterplan, we are now starting to look at all of these issues in more detail by preparing a Design Code for Huncoat.

Click here to find out more about what a Design Code is, why one is needed, and what it will cover. 

It is important that the Design Code captures the aspirations of the local community. Over the coming weeks there will be opportunities for everyone to get involved.  We’ll be asking people to give us their thoughts on what good design should look like in Huncoat.

Check back soon for further details on how to send us your comments. 

Welcome to Huncoat Garden Village

 Hyndburn Borough Council have been busy working with their consultants, Arcadis, to develop and build on previous proposals for Huncoat Garden Village. The current Masterplan has been shaped by ideas from two previous public consultations, which invited the community to steer ideas. 

Guiding future development in Huncoat to meet the demand for more new homes in Hyndburn, the Masterplan details a series of proposals for the creation of Huncoat Garden Village. The Masterplan includes proposals for a new village centre, a new road, existing road network improvements and high-quality new homes.

The aim is to promote Huncoat as a location within Pennine Lancashire where people desire to live, work and enjoy.

If you have any queries, please contact Chris Gregory on 07768 632 556 or email at





Message from Hyndburn Borough Council
Update: 09 July 2021

We have been made aware Clowes Development Ltd have commenced a public consultation regarding redevelopment of the Power Station Site in Huncoat. This consultation is in advance of submitting a planning application. Hyndburn Borough Council will share the findings of the Huncoat Garden Village Masterplan consultation with Clowes, so this can inform any future application they may wish to submit.