2021 Public Consultation

The public consultation seeking views on proposals for Huncoat Garden Village is now closed. Thank you for the feedback which has been provided, which is currently being analysed. 

You can continue to view the online exhibition material for Huncoat Garden Village here. Scroll around our virtual room, click on the blue numbers to download and view individual boards. Please note that the online survey is now closed and the links to the survey form will no longer work. 

Alternatively you can click on and view the individual boards here:

Board 1 Welcome

Board 2 The Journey so Far

Board 3 Why Huncoat?

Board 4 Nature

Board 5 Movement 

Board 6 The Current Masterplan Option

Board 7 Next Steps

Welcome to Huncoat Garden Village

 Hyndburn Borough Council have been busy working with their consultants, Arcadis, to develop and build on previous proposals for Huncoat Garden Village. The current Masterplan has been shaped by ideas from two previous public consultations, which invited the community to steer ideas. 

Guiding future development in Huncoat to meet the demand for more new homes in Hyndburn, the Masterplan details a series of proposals for the creation of Huncoat Garden Village. The Masterplan includes proposals for a new village centre, a new road, existing road network improvements and high-quality new homes.

The aim is to promote Huncoat as a location within Pennine Lancashire where people desire to live, work and enjoy.

If you have any queries, please contact Chris Gregory on 07768 632 556 or email at chris.gregory@hyndburnbc.gov.uk.